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About OTBR


Emory Campus Life's Office of Technology and Bookstore Relations (OTBR) offers a variety of technological platforms to Emory Campus Life departments, as well as maintains, shapes, and promotes the bookstores' positive contribution to Emory's diverse learning community. 

OTBR enhances Emory Campus Life and the students Emory Campus Life engages with by offering outstanding technological environments with support, solutions, and service that are innovative, robust, flexible, secure, user-friendly, informative, and harmonious with the rest of Emory University. OTBR directly provides departments with hardware and software assistance; database and website development; training and consulting; and procurement.

OTBR supports Emory’s bookstores and their important presence on our campuses by 1) insisting on high quality customer service, 2) facilitating the stores’ dedicated efforts to ethically engage with community both inside and outside the stores, and 3) ensuring the stores provide and sell a diverse range of bookstore services and products that reflect Emory’s mission and academic integrity.


To promote and enhance a diverse learning community within Emory Campus Life and the greater University by maintaining at all times an outstanding technological platform and an exemplary bookstore foundation.

Custom Promotions

Custom Promotions

An easy-to-use tool for ordering custom promotional items. Comes pre-loaded with many Emory logos.